December Court of Honor

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The final Court of Honor in 2013 will be held at the Lutheran Church, Monday, December 2 from 7:00 - 8:30.

Be sure to bring your Scout Handbook to every Monday meeting. If there are changes not yet recorded in Troop Master, ensure Mr. Vessell gets your book at the beginning of the meeting so he can update the site for the Committee to purchase the required rank ensignia and so Scoutmaster Albers knows to recognize you for your advancement.

Each time a Scout advances in rank, he should be recognized on two occasions. The first should occur as soon as possible after he has been approved by the board of review and an Advancement Report has been filed with the council office - preferably at the next unit meeting. This ceremony should be dignified but simple, involving not much more than presenting the Scout with his new badge of rank.

The second occasion is a court of honor, a public ceremony to recognize Scouts for successful achievement and to describe the importance of the program. The main purposes of the court of honor are to furnish formal recognition for achievement and to provide incentive for other Scouts to advance.

Winter Camp Registration

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Winter Camp is a great time to be at Lost Pines Boy Scout Camp. The staff is focused on providing the best possible program, including many merit badges that are not normally offered at summer camp.

If you have not already registered and paid, please contact Tracy Goldstein at XXX-XXXX.

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Geocaching Merit Badge

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The pamphlet and badge for the new Geocaching merit badge are expected to be available at the Scout Shop in December.  Looking to get started on earning this new badge? Check out these resources:
        • Geocaching 101: Introduction to Geocaching and Terms of the sport
        • Geocaching_MB: Requirements for Geocaching Merit Badge
        • Gecaching.pdf: Merit Badge worksheet
        • T83 Geocaching: Coordinates for "12-points" Geocaches

New Website Design

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